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Divinely Powerful | Amy Thomas Davis

Divinely Powerful | Amy Thomas Davis


Divinely Powerful


A Prophetic Blueprint Introducing the Coming Age

Sharing her own profound heavenly encounters Amy Davis reveals the new levels of supernatural power available to you as an overcomer in this new era. With writing that is unique, picturesque, prophetic and revelatory, Amy unveils insights into the mysteries of the sevenfold Spirit of God. 

In this book, she shares one end time message revealed by God in the realm of the Spirit of Knowledge. It’s a message that must be displayed in great reverence in the coming days: The True Knowledge of God.

Here is what a friend had to say about the book:

“Amy Davis is one of the purest prophets of this generation and much loved around the world. She speaks with sweetness, compassion and hope that touches the heart. I believe she is part of a new generation of oracle voices God is releasing to the Earth to help us get ready for the next age. I’m so glad Amy has written down her profound revelations and insights with God in this unique book at this specific moment in history. I saw angels being released over people as they read this book. We are ready for more!” — Justin Paul Abraham 

I have been in ministry almost 30 years and I have never met anyone with greater love and passion for the Lord than my wife, Amy. Equally as important in her life is her reverence for God‘s word, both written and spoken. I have witnessed the Lord conveying to her profound spiritual truths’ as well as insights and counsel throughout day-to-day activities. Her life is a true example of what it means to live in the realm of the Spirit and walk with God. It has been very rewarding for me to watch her deposit in print, through her captivating writing style, the divine encounters that she has had in the realm of God’s Knowledge and also the Spirit of Might. I was present when she experienced an amazing visitation being taken into the realm of the Spirit of knowledge. I heard the reverence in her voice as she shared those revelations and the deep truth that came from it. I was there when she experienced the Spirit of Might and the revelation of God‘s Rest that comes from abiding with Him. I heard her share firsthand what it means to be tethered to the Lord and the promise of God to remove from His people the veil of ignorance. All of these incredible insights are shared within the pages of this book through the vocabulary of the Spirit. It is a call to the remnant of God‘s people to experience end-of-the-age enlightenment; latter rain revelation poured out to a company of people desperate to encounter the Lord in this dimension of His Spirit. “Divinely Powerful” is a great tool to help people access God’s unseen realm and experience what has been allotted as meat in due season. I am completely confident that the readers of this book will be taken on a prophetic journey into God‘s presence and will draw from the treasures found in the Reverential Awe of the Lord. These will provide keys that give us access to God’s heart and His profound provision for this hour. — Paul Keith Davis, WhiteDove Ministries

Amy Thomas Davis has captured God’s heart for this new era, in her book “Divinely Powerful” Amy opens a spiritual window, to catch glimpses of the unseen realm and thinning veil between heaven and earth.  She has developed a pathway for us to learn language that communicates the very essence of heaven’s reflection, experiencing His power and authority in this final harvest on this earth.   “Divinely Powerful” serves as a guide to give us insight as we journey forward, giving us blueprints, windows to see into the Spirit realm, discovering things to come and mysteries God is revealing in this hour.  Amy’s insight and instruction teaches us how to position ourselves as true messengers of hope and connect our hearts with the reverential fear of the Lord.  I highly recommend “Divinely Powerful” as a “must read” as we prepare our hearts, minds and adjust our lives to the rhythm of heaven.  —Cindy McGill, Hope for the Harvest Ministries

Amy Thomas Davis has done a great job encapsulating the blueprint for the next move of God.  She articulates so well from the spirit of revelation on subjects rarely discussed in the body of Christ. The material in this book is so incredibly presented that it had to be divinely inspired. I strongly recommend all to read this book and reread until you fully absorb its context.  —Chris Reed

“Divinely Powerful” by Amy Thomas Davis is one of the most important books of our time. It contains essential perspective from the heart of God for this hour that not only informs but activates.

I encourage you to open your heart as you journey through these powerful pages allowing the authors words to bring forth divine alignment within you. Fresh hope and strength will begin to rise enabling you to take your position in the greatest time in human history.

Everything is about to change!  The manifest glory of God we have hoped for is about to consume the earth. The great unveiling of Christ within His people is upon us.

As the ancient prophets foretold; the Shining Ones are now on earth. All that Jesus held in His heart for you and for this planet before the world was formed is about to be made manifest . This is your moment to step in. —Liz Wright, International Best Selling Author of Reflecting God

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