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Releasing Breakthrough Revival by Paul Keith Davis

Releasing Breakthrough Revival by Paul Keith Davis



Releasing Breakthrough Revival

by Paul Keith Davis

On Friday, March 24th, as Bob was preparing for prayer, he immediately went into an Acts 10:10 type of trance. Bob’s highest revelations come in this way. As the visitation commenced, Bob saw what appeared to be 12 ordinary “men” approaching him. Although they had the appearance of men he knew they were angels. The one in front seemed to be the most prominent and served as spokesman for the group. He said, “My name is ‘Breakthrough’ and I have now been assigned to the United States.” For approximately 30 minutes the angel shared with Bob historical accounts of past revivals that transpired to God’s glory that he was involved in. His job is to release breakthrough and awakening to initiate a wave of harvest by extracting all obstacles to God’s plans while the other angels gather the harvest. There is a spiritual principle that states where evil abounds, grace does much more abound. Clearly our nation is in trouble. Nevertheless, the Lord is extending an incredible opportunity for His great-grace. We must embrace every divine opportunity and employ these incredible gifts being delegated to us at this crucial moment.

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